Know The Ins And Outs Of Superdrol

Superdrol also known as methasteron or methyldrostanolone is the name commonly used to refer to a class of products that contain a methyldrostanolone steroid. Superdrol touted as one of the most effective and popularly used anabolic steroid in the past few decades. It is similar to masteron only that it does not have the ester chain. As an oral steroid, Superdrol is a steroid that survives all the odds as it passes through the liver.

A Look at Superdrol Profile

Although a certified pharmaceutical company originally designed this effective artificial hormone, it never lived to become one of the prescription drugs on the shelves unlike masteron, which contains an ester chain, it was never commercially distributed. Superdrol was first introduced in the mid 18th century but it came into light for only five decades before it was listed as a schedule III controlled drug substances by the Food and Drug Agency, a US body that controls the use of drug substances.

Superdrol is known to provide drier and harder tissue and muscle gains which can be noticed in just under two weeks of its use. Some users reported significant gains of between 15-30lbs in as short span as 4 weeks. Strength gains are also eminent when this drug is used properly. Most users have reported 15-25 percent increase in their weight lifting ability after using the drug for a couple of short weeks.

How to Buy Superdrol

Purchasing Methasterone was legal for many years until 2011 after a series of tests. This drug came in different ways and most online stores could sell it over the counter. The fact that nobody owns the legal rights of this particular compound, it meant that anyone could order for raw materials or sell the products to bodybuilders. At this point in time, the products that contained superdrol traded a lot on online platforms and other stores across the world. The most common names that sold included Beastrol and M-drol. While it is not legal to distribute superdrol in the US, especially in its current state, other similar compounds may sell as legal drugs.

Dosages and Uses

Before starting to use any drugs, it is important to understand the effect of the dosage and how you should go about using the drug. As for superdrol, you are supposed to use approximately 20mg-40mg/day. Many reports have indicated that many people have abused superdrol with some people staying on the dose for moere than 12 weeks. This could mean that such users may experience adverse effects on the functioning of the liver due to toxicity. Although the effects of all steroids on the liver begin from the first day of use, the severity of the problem can grow if you do not break off from the steroid to give the liver time to recover.

Superdrol Cycles

Research has shown that using superdrol between 4-6 weeks of the first cycle shows significant gains, which is why it is very popular among bodybuilders. For this reason, superdrol is recommended for jumpstarting the cycles, leaving the slow acting steroids to kick in during the later part days of the cycle. By doing this, you allow yourself to make solid gains in tissue formation and growth in strength.

Stacking Superdrol

Superdrol is known to stack well with some of the most popularly used injectable steroids as well as other hormones that lack a c-17aa structural modification. Remember that your liver may not sustain another oral steroid stacked with superdrol. For those who wish to bulk, Decadurabolin is the best option to stack with. On the other hand, those who are cutting may want to stack superdrol with trenbolone. Superdrol for sale is especially tough and difficult to breakdown hence it is recommended for use for less than 4 weeks because of the risks of liver toxicity.