How Do I Use Stanozolol?

Stanozolol is a potent steroid commonly used by athletes and bodybuilders. It is commonly sold under the brand name Winstrol. Before you start using Stanozolol, there are a few things you have to know about it. We’ve created this short FAQ guide that will help you out considerably.

Question #1 — I hate injectable steroids. How do I use stanozolol?

This is one of the most popular steroids at present as it is available as an injectable and an oral tablet. As a result, it is convenient, affordable and easy to use.

Question #2 — How does it work and will it work on me?

• Winstrol on Stano is an anabolic steroid. It increases lean muscle mass formation, trims down fat, and helps the body to train faster and longer.
• Stano increases the body’s supply of red blood cells or RBCs. RBCs carry oxygen and an increased supply of these cells means more oxygen available for hard-working cells. It also means more energy to do work, reduced fatigue and increased energy levels.
• One of the major benefits of this steroid is that it is a modified derivation of dihydrotestosterone. In the human body, it does not convert to estrogen and this reduces the side-effects seen in the human body.
• It also seems to reduce fat by burning stored fat reserves while retaining muscle mass. This is a very attractive feature as body-builders end up with a trim, lean body that shows increased muscle definition.
• Another tremendous benefit is that it does not cause water retention. Users have reported muscle gain that remains stable even after the steroid has been discontinued.
• Stano is also good as it seems to boost libido. Unlike other steroids, it has no effect on the sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG). This hormone is responsible for binding testosterone and removing it from the body. However, Stano does not affect SHBG and this means that testosterone lingers in the body more and improves libido.

Question #3 — How long can I use it safely?

You can use Stanozolol tablets and Stanozolol pills according to a steroid cycle or steroid stack. You can start with 25mg to 65mg and then increase the dose up to three weeks and then taper the dose again down in a total of six to eight weeks. The average dose for men is around 25mg while women can make do about 5mg to prevent side-effects. Women seem to experience more side-effects. As a result, they have to take a lower dose and increase it up to 20mg every four days. Both oral and injectable steroids are safe to use.

Question #4 — Are there any side-effect with Stano?

Just like any other drug, Stano also has side-effects. Some of the biggest side-effects include bladder problems, tender breasts, acne, painful erections, and enlarged prostate and other problems. However, most of these problems can be controlled with pre-cycle, inter-cycle, and post-cycle therapy.

Last Question — Where do I buy Stanozolol?

You can find Stanozolol for sale almost anywhere online. In the US, you do require a prescription for purchase. However, online websites will sell you Stanozolol steroids at a discounted rate. Make sure you buy Stanozolol online through a website located outside the US. These pharmacies have simpler rules regarding the use Stanozolol steroid and they are legally allowed to sell and ship the medicine anywhere the world. To ensure that you get quality products, make a small purchase upfront, test the product, and then buy in bulk.