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    Recommended Reading
    Recommended Reading


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    Eclectus Tales
    An eclectic collection of adventures shared by Eclectus parrots and their owners.

    Dale Thompson
    Read Dale Thompson's field observations of Eclectus parrots and more.


    Eclectic Art Eclectic Eclectus Art!




    Ollie Loves LOV Recipes!


    Wing Tips
    (Originally published in WATCHBIRD Magazine)

    General Care
    bullet  Breeder Interview Questions
    bullet  General Care
    bullet  Do They Talk?
    bullet  Entertainment
    bullet  Weaning Tips
    bullet  Toe Tapping & Survey Results
    bullet  Safety Precautions for Birdkeepers
    bullet  Where the Toys are
    bullet  Eclectus Myths
    bullet  Aloe--Parrot Pharmacy in a Leaf
    bullet  Tips for Finicky Eaters
    bullet  Aloe for Bird Bites and Frasier Learns to Bite!
    bullet  First Aid! Be Prepared to Save Your Parrot's Life!
    bullet  My Eclectus Diet
    bullet  Breeding the Eclectus
    bullet  Eclectic Misconceptions
    bullet  Wild Eclectus in Papua New Guinea
    bullet  Eclectus Species Profile

    The Kitchen Physician
    The Kitchen Physician Originally published in Winged Wisdom Magazine at Birds N Ways this continuing series of articles offers advice and tips on herbs, spices and other nutritional substances for your feathered friend.

    Medicinal Foods
    Herbs, spices and foods that our grandmothers used as preventative and curative measures can be used for the same purpose in the care of our parrots

    Nature's Pharmacy
    Good nutrition, natural foods, healthy diets yield healthy pet birds.

    Parrots, Produce & Pesticides
    Pesticides in produce are toxic to birds. Learn which ones are safe and which are heavily contaminated.

    Feeding Organic Foods Affordably
    Feeding Organic Foods to your pet birds and parrots can be done affordably. Provide a safe, healthy diet for your birds.

    Herbal Remedies For Parrots
    Holistic medicine, alternative therapies such as herbal remedies frequently are being chosen over traditional Western medicine. Success is being achieved with natural cures.

    Holistic Treatments For Parrots
    Alternative therapies such as acupuncture, homeopathy, and flower essences being used on birds successfully.

    Citricidal: Cure & Disinfectant
    Citricidal, grapefruit seed extract, is a safe disinfectant as well as a cure for some diseases. Tested by FDA , USDA and others.

    Juicing for Parrots
    Juices provide vital minerals, vitamins and enzymes for your pet birds and help prevent diseases too. Add to a birds diet.

    Sprouting for Healthier Birds
    Sprouts are not only healthy, but prevent disease in our birds. Parrots love their taste too.

    Safe Cleaning and Pest Control
    Bird safe ways to clean and control pests such as ants, flies, seed moths, mosquitoes, cockroaches, etc. Also a variety of natural cleaners.

    Edible Flowers For Parrots
    A Bloom A Day Keeps The Gloom Away

    Nutrition in a Nutshell
    When fed regularly, nuts can help enhance your parrot's health as well as provide a new and entertaining treat.

    Greening of the Parrot Diet
    Green foods are an important and often neglected component of a healthy, varied diet for parrots.

    Ask Mother Nature - Healthcare
    Mother Nature kept her winged creatures happy and healthy long before we became birdkeepers.


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